Room Attributes

Rooms are specified by name, description, optional keywords, and a variety of settings, such as whether all participants can invite new participants or whether the room is accessible for anyone to join.

The following attributes apply to these Room endpoints:

namestringRoom name
descriptionstringRoom description
keywordsarrayA list of key-value pairs, describing additional properties of the room. It is possible to search rooms by keyword values using the Search Rooms endpoint.
membersCanInvitebooleanIf true, any chat room participant can add new participants.
If false, only owners can add new participants.
discoverablebooleanIf true, this chat room (name, description and messages) non-participants can search for this room.
If false, only participants can search for this room.
publicbooleanIf true, this is a public chatroom and anyone can join.
If false, this is a private chatroom and participants must be added.
readOnlybooleanIf true, only room owners can send messages.
copyProtectedbooleanIf true, users cannot copy content from this room.
crossPodbooleanIf true, this room is a cross pod room.
viewHistorybooleanIf true, new members can view the room chat history of the room.
multiLateralRoombooleanIf true, this is a multilateral room where users belonging to more than two companies can be found.
pinnedMessageIdstringURLSafe Base64 ID of the pinned message.


Copy Protection

Once set to true, copyProtected cannot be set to false. Copy protection can be added to a room but cannot be removed.


Overview of streams

A stream is like a container for messages exchanged between two or more users via a given instant message (IM), multi-party instant message (MIM), or chat room. For more information, refer to Overview of streams.