User Authenticate by User ID (Cert)

Released in 1.47.
Enables an application to authenticate on behalf of a particular user. Use the resulting user sessionToken when calling any OBO-enabled endpoint.


Session Token Management

The token you receive is valid for the lifetime of a session that is defined by your pod's administration team. This ranges from 1 hour to 2 weeks.

You should keep using the same token until you receive a HTTP 401, at which you should re-authenticate and get a new token for a new session.

Datafeeds survive session expiration, you do not need to re-create your datafeed if your session expires.

To call this endpoint, you must have a valid application sessionToken for an application that has been installed for the user who you intend to authenticate as.

Note: The app calling this endpoint should be enabled and installed for the user. In addition, it should have ACT_AS_USER permission.


Get Started with OBO

On Behalf Of (OBO) is a pattern that enables developers to perform operations on behalf of a Symphony end-user. For more information, refer to OBO Authentication.