File Malware Scanner State

Retrieves the current malware scan state of a file from the pod.
Implemented by Symphony, the API is exposed on the customer's pod. It retrieves a file malware scan high-level state. The calling service account should have 'Malware Scan State User' role to make this call. Possible values: OK, BAD, PENDING.
Customers can use this API to get the current malware-scan state of a file.

OK - Malware Scan state is ok. The file can be downloaded.
BAD - Malware Scan determined the file to be bad. Errors in malware scanning, after the retry attempts have exhausted or wait-time elapsed, also result in this final state. The file cannot be downloaded.
PENDING - Malware Scan is still in progress. Temporary errors in malware scanning workflow will also result in this state. The file cannot be downloaded.