Health Check v2

Available on Agent 2.0.0 and above. See the SBE x Agent compatibilities for more details about the minimal requirements.
Returns the connectivity status of your pod and key manager, as well as the Agent version.

Note: As of Symphony's 20.12 release to production environments, this endpoint is deprecated. This endpoint will be unsupported within three releases (approximately December 2021). Please check Health Check v3 for the new recommended alternative.

Results Fields

podConnectivitybooleanIndicates whether the Agent server can connect to the pod
podConnectivityErrorstringError details in case of no pod connectivity
keyManagerConnectivitybooleanIndicates whether the Agent server can connect to the key manager
keyManagerConnectivityErrorstringError details in case of no key manager connectivity
encryptDecryptSuccessbooleanIndicates whether the Agent can successfully decrypt and encrypt messages
encryptDecryptErrorstringError details in case of the encryption or decryption of the message fails
podVersionstringThe version number of the pod
agentVersionstringThe version number of the Agent server
agentServiceUserbooleanIndicates whether agent service user is setup correctly.
agentServiceUserErrorstringError details in case agent service user is setup incorrectly.
ceServiceUserbooleanIndicates whether CEService user is setup correctly.
ceServiceUserErrorstringError details in case CEService user is setup incorrectly.

Note: You need to pass the sessionToken and keyManagerToken on the headers, otherwise, agentservice tokens will be used.