Get Presence

Released in 1.47.
Returns the online status of the calling user.

When calling this as an OBO-enabled endpoint, use the OBO User Authenticate token for sessionToken.

The available online status values (presence categories) for users are:

Presence categoryInterface iconExternal viewComment
AVAILABLEGreen check markAVAILABLEReleased in 1.46
AWAYYellow clockAWAYReleased in 1.46
OFFLINEGrey crossOFFLINEIntroduced in 20.16
BUSYRed signBUSYReleased in 1.46
ON_THE_PHONERed phoneON_THE_PHONEReleased in 1.46
BE_RIGHT_BACKYellow clockAWAYReleased in 1.47
IN_A_MEETINGRed phoneIN_A_MEETINGReleased in 1.47
OUT_OF_OFFICEPurple circleOUT_OF_OFFICEReleased in 1.47
OFF_WORKYellow clockOFFLINEDeprecated in 20.16
DO_NOT_DISTURBRed circleAWAYDeprecated in 20.16

See Set Presence for a description of the Presence category and External view values for internal and external users.

Note: It is also possible for Symphony users to have other presence values, which should be handled in your implementation as edge cases.