Get All Presence

Released in 1.47.
Returns the presence of all users in a pod


All non-inactive users are returned and some inactive users may be included. Any omitted user is inactive.


Only users with the "User Provisioning" role can call this endpoint

When calling this as an OBO-enabled endpoint, use the OBO User Authenticate token for sessionToken.

The available online status values (presence categories) for users are:

Presence categoryInterface iconExternal viewComment
AVAILABLEGreen dotAVAILABLEReleased in 1.46
AWAYYellow clockAWAYReleased in 1.46
BUSYRed circleAWAYReleased in 1.46
ON_THE_PHONERed phoneAWAYReleased in 1.46
BE_RIGHT_BACK Yellow clockAWAYReleased in 1.47
IN_A_MEETINGRed circleAWAYReleased in 1.47
OUT_OF_OFFICEYellow clockOFFLINEReleased in 1.47
OFF_WORKGray dotOFFLINEReleased in 1.47
DO_NOT_DISTURBRed circleAWAYReleased in 1.52

See Set Presence for a description of the Presence category and External view values for internal and external users.


Visual reference for online status values

Note: It is also possible for Symphony users to have other presence values, which should be handled in your implementation as edge cases.