Datahose - Event Stream

Datahose is a data streaming service, that gives access to all messages and events in real time.


Datahose is not yet available in Production



The Datahose API is an add-on to the Symphony Services, and is subject to additional charges. Prior to using Datahose in your Symphony environment(s), you will need to enter into a specific contract. Please reach out to [email protected] to discuss the offering, its pricing or for any further information.

Similarly to Datafeed 2.0, Datahose allows a service user account (bot) to retrieve Real Time Events including all chat messages. However, with Datahose, there is no need for the service user to be part of a chat conversation to receive its messages: the service user will automatically receive all events from all conversations of the pod in real time.

See more information on how to use Datahose with the Datahose - Read Events endpoint.