Datahose - Event Stream

Datahose is a data streaming service, that gives access to all messages and events in real time.

Similarly to Datafeed 2.0, it allows the service user account (bot) that reads it to retrieve Real Time Events (including encrypted social messages). However, there is no need for the service user to be part of the room or IM/MIM to be able to read these events, it will directly retrieve all events from the pod.

See more information on how to use Datahose with the Datahose - Read Events endpoint.


Datahose prerequisites

  • Datahose has been released as beta in Agent 22.5. With this version, you will be able to receive SOCIALMESSAGE, CREATE_ROOM, and UPDATE_ROOM events from the Real Time Events
  • In order to use Datahose, Datafeed 2.0 must be activated on your pod. More information under Datafeed. Please contact your Symphony administrator for more details.